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11 Things Migraine Sufferers Are Tired Of Hearing

"Is it really THAT bad?"

Migraine is more than just a headache, so we scoured past comments from readers to identify some of the things migraine sufferers hear all too often.

1. "Have you tried—?"

2. "You're probably dehydrated. Drink some water."

3. "Oh, I get headaches too."

4. "But you look fine!"

5. "You were okay yesterday."

6. "Are you SURE it's a migraine?"

7. "You aren't even trying to get rid of it, are you?"

8. "You really skipped work because of a migraine?"

9. "Is it because you're stressed?"

10. "Do you have a brain tumor?"

11. "Why don't you go to the doctor?"

Proper diagnosis and treatment is an important part of your migraine management. Talk to your health care provider about how best to manage your migraine. 💙