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You’ll Totally Gush Over These 11 Business Owner Couples

They knew it wouldn't be easy, but they were certain that it would be worth it. Get inspired by these couples crushing small-business-owner life together, one day at a time.

1. Cassandre Davilmar and Isiah Michael | The Classic Man Barbershop | New York, New York

2. Jon Floyd and Breanna Lien | Timbermade | Grand Forks, North Dakota

3. Ricardo and Ane Trillos | Cao Chocolates | Miami, Florida

4. Cole and Shilpa | Khao'na Kitchen | Brooklyn, New York

5. Erin Patten and Willis Marshall | DāO Detroit | Detroit, Michigan

6. Wayde Cartwright and Bruce Boyd | Lang House Bed & Breakfast | Chicago, Illinois

7. Kris and Jay Chan | Fancy Nancy | Brooklyn, New York

8. Paula and Dave Jasinski | Green Fin Studio | Richmond, Virginia

9. Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart | BLK MKT Vintage | Brooklyn, New York

10. Patricia and David Beets | Dell Cove Spices & More Co. | Chicago, Illinois

11. Allison and Matt Robicelli | Robicelli Studio | Baltimore, Maryland

American Express is all for small businesses during the holidays and year-round, making it easy for you to support these inspiring and ambitious duos.