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The Most Addicting Facebook Games Today

Now that winter is here, we're all gonna be spending more time indoors. Thankfully Facebook has some amazingly addicting games available right at your fingertips. Keep the fun going with game rewards with the Zynga Serve® Rewards Card from American Express.

1. Texas Hold 'Em Poker

Via Facebook: texas

Do you have a terrible poker face? An aversion to gambling? Good, because Zynga's Texas Hold 'Em Poker is waiting for you on Facebook. This game was Zynga's very first social game and still remains hugely popular four years later, with over 33 million players last month alone.

2. Chefville

Via Facebook: chefville

Statistics show 80% of restaurants fail within the first 5 years of existence, so why not take a risk-free approach and just pretend to start one online? Chefville allows you to build and run your own restaurant, without any of the stress of the real thing.

3. Slingo

Via Facebook: playslingo

Who would've guessed slots and bingo could come together in such a seamless way? Slingo is just what it sounds like and judging from its huge popularity (almost 20 million monthly users), it's pretty darn fun.

4. Song Pop

Via Facebook: songpop

The concept behind Song Pop is super simple: challenge your friends' music knowledge through a series of song-guessing tournaments. The more you play, the more songs you unlock, the more you can prove to your friends that your brain is a bona fide song encyclopedia.

5. Bubble Safari

Via Facebook: bubblesafari

Imagine you're a monkey living in the jungle. Now imagine having bubbles descend on you from the sky, and of course, you've got to pop them. This is the very logical premise of Bubble Safari, a simple bubble-popping game with a colorful backdrop and graphics that changes as you advance through the different levels.

6. Angry Birds With Friends

Via Facebook: appcenter

Any smartphone user has probably already gone through their own uncontrollable addiction to the super-popular "Angry Birds", but the game reaches a whole new level of addiction when it's played against friends.

7. The Hidden Chronicles

Via Facebook: hidden

If you're easily distracted, Hidden Chronicles is not the game for you. Between the intricate backdrops and the premise (finding hidden objects), you've gotta have your attention turned on 100% to succeed.

8. Diamond Dash

Via Facebook: diamonddash

Got a minute to spare? Diamond Dash will fill those 60 seconds right up with excitement and diamond-snatching. In this classic arcade-style game, players get just one minute to grab as many diamonds as they can.

9. Words With Friends

Via Facebook: appcenter

No better way to discover your vocabulary is sub-par than with a good match of Words with Friends. The trick to enjoying Words with Friends is to not consult the dictionary, cheating totally takes the fun out of it (and pretty much anything else actually.)

10. Dragon City

Via Facebook: dragoncity

Who wouldn't want a pet dragon? About 14 million monthly players do, so they must be on to something! Dragon City lets players adopt dragons and build an entire universe around them, just like you dreamt of when you were a kid.