10 Of The Most Wacky Crowd Funded Projects

Some ideas are pretty good, but not good enough to shell out all of your own hard-earned cash for. That’s the wonder of crowd funding! For everyday spending, you can split the bill hassle-free using Serve® from American Express.

1. A Life-Size Statue Of Robocop

2. A Face Snuggie Shaped Like a Beard

3. A Spaceship With 1000 Homework Assignments On Board

4. A Handmade Line of "Pre-Soiled" Clothing

5. A 300-Page Book About The Love Lives of Aliens

6. An Independent Thriller Starring Lindsay Lohan

7. The Promise of a Good Time

8. A Collection of Handbags Made from 35mm Film

9. A Giant Floating Pool In New York City's East River

10. A Record-Breaking Undergarment

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