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10 Epic Items You Never Thought You Could Buy Online

From the lavish to the absurd, you can buy just about anything on the web these days. These are totally crazy ways to blow your money. To be savvy with your every day spending, use Serve® from American Express.

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1. An Entire Town / Via

Changing hands three times in the past decade, Bridgeville, CA is a surprisingly hot item—though, of course, it's a town that includes 83 acres, eight houses, a cafe, and its very own post office. The last time it was sold it was done over eBay—of all things—and sold for $1.25m. Considering it has mountain views in Northern California (and most houses in the area would probably cost that much), it's a steal.

2. A Single Brussels Sprout / Via

While making Christmas dinner for his family in 2006, Andrew Henderson left a single brussels sprout uncooked and decided to auction it off online to see if he could raise any money for charity. And he did! The sprout went for a whopping £99.50 (which today, is about $160).

3. A Missile Base / Via

Now known primarily as the best place to hold out in a zombie apocalypse, the Atlas F missile base was sold on eBay in 2002 for $2.1MM. Originally constructed during the Cold War era to withstand a direct nuclear hit, Atlas F is located high up in the Adirondacks and features a private airstrip, three-foot thick cement walls, and of course, a jacuzzi.

4. A Boat That Barbecues


The "Barbecue Dining Boat" is sold online by (who else but) Hammacher Schlemmer. It costs just $50,000, seats ten adults, and includes an umbrella, trolling motor, and... a grill. Thus, it does exactly (and only) what it's supposed to: provide a chill BBQ scene.

5. A Latch Hook Rug in Christopher Walken's Effigy


Online marketplaces like Etsy and have shown us that things both good and bad can be created and sold - but it's handmade goods like these that really make shopping online special. This latch hook rug makes will make its lucky owner able to warm his or her toes on the face of one the greatest American actors of this century. Why not?

6. A "Haunted" Rubber Ducky / Via

After hearing that his son was having "weird" and "strange" fights with the bath toy, a man made the decision to get rid of the happy little creature by auctioning it off on eBay. Somewhat shockingly, it sold for $107.50.

7. A Fully-Functional Hovering Scooter / Via

For the low, low price of $13,000, one could very recently acquire a giant hovering scooter. This sort of hybrid between a surfboard, a skateboard, and a razor scooter is the closest thing you can get to a hover-board today.

8. A Game of Thrones Throne


If your living room is feeling a little sparse these days, it might be missing an enormous metal throne fashioned from dozens of sharp objects. If you're a fan of HBO's Game of Thrones, this life size replica of the Throne in question is one of the many amazing items you can purchase on the HBO web site.

9. Food Items Bearing the Face of Jesus

Flickr: lifeontheedge / Via

Ebay has long been a haven for those who believe in food-related miracles. From a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich bearing the Virgin Mary's figure, which sold for $28,000 in 2004, to a Cheeto shaped like baby Jesus (cheesus!), to this Jesus-faced pierogi, which fetched $1,775 - anything is up for grabs.

10. A Tastefully Personalized And Biodegradable Coffin


The British might have a better sense of humor than we do when it comes to life...and death. UK-based company Creative Coffins offers a wide selection of cardboard coffins personalized with flags, hobbies, and other tongue-in-cheek designs. My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates."

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