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Paint Chip Calendar

Teamed up with American Express to show you how to add some life to your calendar. Learn more about the #‎BlueCashEveryday Card:

You’ll Need –

1 16" x 20" picture frame

31 to 35 paint chips

Double-sided tape

1 ruler


Dry erase marker

Instructions –

1. Select a minimum of 31 to 35 paint chips total.

2. Begin measuring out 2" x 2" squares on each paint chip with a ruler and marking them.

3. Cut out the 2-inch squares.

4. Remove the backing of your picture frame. You can recycle the white paper that came with the frame by using the back.

5. Begin arranging your paint chips in a gradient pattern on the paper and figure out the spacing you would like. We started the first paint chip 3” down from the top of the paper and 1 1/2” from the left of the paper. After that, we spaced each square 1/2” from each other.

6. Tape each paint chip to the paper.

7. Once finished, place it back in the picture frame and you can start writing out a calendar using a dry erase marker.