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Holiday Photo Booth

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Twin-size sheet
White pom-poms (32 per strand)
Fishing line (13 strands, 8 ft each)
Chenille needle
Poster board
Wrapping paper
Hot glue
Holiday decorations


1. Thread fishing line through the chenille needle and string the pom-poms onto the lines

2. Cut a rectangle out of the inside of the poster board to create a frame.

3. Place the frame onto the sheet of wrapping paper and cut out a rectangle in the center of the sheet. Slice cuts at the corners of the sheet within the frame, meeting the frame’s inner corners.

4. Hang the bed sheet on a wall and clip the pom-pom garlands onto the top of the sheet with the clothespins.

5. Set out the frames and a box of old holiday decorations and props.

6. Do a photoshoot with party goers!