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Glow Bowling

Teamed up with American Express to give bowling a new spin. Learn more about the #BlueCashEveryday Card:

You’ll Need –

1 hamster ball

6 or 10 water bottles

Several packs of glow sticks (approx. 150-200 sticks total)

Milk (can be any type)

Instructions –

1. Remove labels on water bottles.

2. Pour out some water in each water bottle to make room for the glow sticks.

3. Take 15 glow sticks in various colors and crack them to activate. Place 15 glow sticks in each water bottle.

4. Pour a Tbsp. of milk into each bottle of water. Replace caps and shake.

5. Activate the remainder of the glow sticks.

6. Place them in the hamster ball and secure the hamster ball lid.

7. Ready to bowl!