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Clothespin Menu Wreath

Teamed up with American Express to give your Friendsgiving menu a unique new look. Learn more about the #BlueCashEveryday Card:

You’ll Need –

14 inch metal craft ring
76 clothespins
Acrylic paint
Cardstock Paper
Hot glue

Instructions –

1. Paint the tops and bottoms of your clothespins. Let dry.

2. Clip the clothespins around the craft ring, leaving space on either side to tie twine later.

3. Label the menu wreath on a piece of felt, glue it to a strand of twine, and tie it to the craft ring.

4. Cut out leaf shapes from cardstock and use the clothespins to clip them around the wreath.

5. Have Friendsgiving guests write their name and dish down on the leaves.

6. Display the wreath at your Friendsgiving meal!