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Classy Cat Collars

Teamed up with American Express to introduce your cat to high fashion. Learn more about the #BlueCashEveryday Card:

You’ll Need –

1 cat collar

1 small child’s sized shirt (can be button down or polo shirt)

1 hot glue gun

1 pair of scissors

1 bow tie (optional)

Instructions –

1. Unbutton the shirt.

2. Begin cutting along the neckline of the shirt with your scissors.

3. Lay collar down flat, with the inside of it facing down.

4. Extend cat collar as long as it possibly can go.

5. Begin hot gluing the cat collar.

6. Apply cat collar with hot glue onto shirt collar.

7. Fold the collar over and button up the one button.

8. Optional step: cut bow tie with only about an inch of excess that goes around a human's neck.

9. Hot glue the bow tie's excess and place the glue side down on to the collar next to the button hole so it may sit in place and still allow the collar to be unbuttoned if needed.