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Birthday Party Surprise Wall

Teamed up with American Express to bring you wall-to-wall fun. Learn more about the #BlueCashEveryday Card:

You’ll Need –

2 trifold poster boards

Strong tape

A marker

Plastic cups (as many as needed)

A precision knife

Tissue paper squares (as many as needed)

A glue stick

A hot glue gun with hot glue sticks

Various small party favors

Instructions –

1. On a flat surface, lay down the 2 trifold poster boards and open them both. Use the strong tape to secure the boards together along their lengths, lining up the folds so it becomes one large trifold poster board.

2. Use a marker to outline a letter or shape as a guide for the design of the cup arrangement.

3. Set down a plastic cup along the design and trace the rim in marker. Continue until the entire design is outlined by the cup tracings.

4. Using a precision knife, cut out the circles made by the cups, staying a little inside the lines so the holes are slightly smaller than the circle outline.

5. Take a glue stick and run it along the outline of the circles. Press a tissue paper square down onto each ring of glue.

6. Select a party favor to hide behind the circles. Run a line of hot glue around the outline of the circle, set the party favor in the middle, and press a plastic cup down onto the ring of hot glue. Continue for each circle.

7. Let dry and prop up the party favor board against a wall before using.