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13 Signs That It's Time For A Spontaneous Vacation

Forget your excuses and just go! The American Express Gold Rewards Card gives you the flexibility to travel at the spur of the moment and on your own terms.

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1. You daydream about going to the airport, looking at the departing flights, and just GOING.

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Do it! Do it!

2. Your doodles can all be classified into two categories: Safari Adventures and Great European Paintings From the 17th Century.

3. You have trouble looking into the eyes of your friends who go on vacations. / Via

JEALOUSY. It's real.

4. You've used NONE of your vacation days.

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They're waiting for you. They're ready.

5. You consume a steady diet of travel shows.

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They are seriously all you watch.

6. Speaking of're always exploring new cuisine from around the world (even if it's takeout).

It's Italian night.

7. And you listen to nothing but music by artists from other countries.


Because a good old-fashioned Spanish guitar solo makes you melt.

8. Your newsfeeds are ALL travel content.


Like. Like. OMG LIKE.

9. You are physically unable to hear about wonderful trips that you DIDN'T TAKE.

"Your photo album is crushing my soul."

"Your photo album is crushing my soul."

10. You're low-key learning a foreign language.

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Nobody knows that you can say "I think I'm going to like it here!" in 15 languages. If they did, they just wouldn't understand.

11. You literally always have bags packed, just in case.

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It's like you're VERY pregnant...but you're not.

12. You spend your lunch hour looking at flights.

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13. You can't go a minute without checking your points balance.

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