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12 Amazing Resources To Help You Start Your Next Passion Project

Everyone has a passion. Now you just need a project. American Express is supporting a new generation of makers, creators, and mold-breakers. Where will your #PassionProject take you?

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1. If you want to write a novel. / Via

How do you know you're not the next Hemingway if you haven't put pen to paper? National Novel Writing Month is an annual event that puts the pressure on aspiring storytellers to churn out an epic work of art, with fellow writers at the ready to offer up their input and creative ideas.

2. If you want to publish that novel. / Via

So your passion project's finally made its way to the page. Er... what now? Lulu lets you self-publish your prose in a wide variety of formats, from classic hardcovers to Kindle-ready e-books.

3. If you want a colorful splash of inspiration. / Via

Waiting on inspiration to strike ain't always the easiest thing. Colour Lovers is an awesome resource for artists and designers to tap into a palette or trend that works for them.

4. If you want your cooking talents to reach Top Chef tier. / Via

The ability to transform your kitchenette into a five-star hot-spot has been inside of you this whole time. Who knew? Pop on over to Cooklet and begin collab-ing with an incredibly diverse and active community of tech-savvy foodies.

5. If you want to start — or join — a band. / Via

Are you a tubular keytarist looking for a band to call your own? A group of rag-tag new-wave dubstep folksters looking for a new member? Sites like Giggem and Bandmix are invaluable hotspots for connecting musically minded individuals with one another, and potential first steps to one day rocking out at Madison Square.

6. And if you want to share your band's music. / Via

So you've finally got the band together, but you still need a place to spread your sweet, sweet sounds. Say no more: PureVolume is an essential resource for sharing EPs and full albums with an impressive, open-minded musical community.

7. If you want to make a web series or feature film.

Whether you wanna make a short film or a maxi-series, sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter boast incredible communities of would-be producers who are more than happy to open their hearts — and wallets — to artistic endeavors that click with them.

8. If you have an idea for a small business. / Via

Thinkin' of taking the first step towards your own startup? The SBA website's got some great tips and pointers about how to kickstart your own small business in efficient and realistic ways.

9. If you want to unleash your inner fashionista.

Even if you've never set foot on a catwalk, odds are you've got some unique fashion sensibilities knockin' around in your noggin. Check out the comprehensive fashion class offerings on Skillshare, and see how your trendy ideas — from fashion photography to mastering key clothing design software — translate with a little fine-tuning.

10. If you want to learn how to woodwork. / Via

Okay, so you're probably no Ron Swanson. Yet. Woodcrafting communities like Woodnet and Lumberjocks host project tutorials, templates, and tools to put you well on the path to woodworking wizardry.

11. If you want to learn how to code like a pro. / Via

Let's be honest: Trying to tackle those endless strings of programming jargon can be mighty intimidating on your own, but Code Academy makes it pretty darn manageable. A user-friendly interface and outstanding, active collective of coders make it a highly recommended destination for anyone interested in the art of the code.

12. And if you're just not sure.

Maybe the only thing standing between you and your passion project is that, well, you just don't know what it is yet. Learning environments like Udacity, or crafty resources like Instructables offer incredible opportunities for furthering your creative education, and a class -- or creative project -- here or there could very well be the first step towards something grand.