10 Ways To Give Back By Doing The Thing You Love

Giving back should be as simple as knitting. American Express is celebrating how one woman’s passion for running has helped homeless people get back on their feet.

1. If you like sports, volunteer with Right to Play.

Right to Play helps bring sports equipment, training, and recreational opportunity to impoverished areas.

2. If you like shopping, donate your old clothes to make room for new ones!

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Dress for Success helps provide business attire to economically disadvantaged women.

3. If you're a makeup addict, get to know Give and Make Up.

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They collect items for women and children who have fled from abusive households. Did you get a makeup sample you don’t want? Send it to them. Is that foundation a shade too light? Send it to them!

4. If you like supporting local businesses, use Causora.

For every dollar you donate, Causora lets you redeem a dollar credit to a local business.

5. If you're a movie buff, many theaters offer "old" movies at discounted prices to benefit charities.

popturf.com / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: popturfdotcom

Like AMC’s Summer Nights program.

6. If you love reading, volunteer to read at a library or hospital.

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Read Across America is a great way to get started.

7. If you like browsing the web, use a charity-based search engine.

GoodSearch allows your normal internet activity to give back.

8. If you like animals, give your time to a sanctuary or a no-kill shelter.

Dennis Matheson / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: dennis_matheson

Spending time at a wolf sanctuary is way better than a trip to the zoo.

9. If you like gardening, spend your time at a community garden.

The American Community Gardening Association helps you locate a garden near you.

10. If you're a knitter, consider donating your creations.

Steve A Johnson / CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: artbystevejohnson

Among many other charities, Afghans for Afghans sends your warm work to families in Afghanistan.

If you're a runner, check out Back on My Feet.

Anne Mahlum, founder of Back on My Feet, turned her love of running into a way to help the homeless create self-sufficiency. Support Anne’s #PassionProject here.

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