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11 Ways Energy Helps You Beat The Summer Heat

Air conditioning. Need we say more?

1. It's summertime, and that makes us as happy as this puppy who loves chilling out in front of the AC.

2. But did you ever stop to think about all the energy it takes to power your sweet, sweet summer activities?

3. For example, energy powers the airplane when you book a flight to someplace a little more temperate.

4. It's energy that allows you to treat yo self to a little ice cream. Or, y'know, lots of ice cream.

5. And your pool swan, Sweepstakes Jackson, you spend hot summer days lounging on? Manufacturers used plastics, which come from oil and natural gas, to make him.

6. Energy also helps farmers grow fresh fruits and veggies for those casual salads at the brunch spot.

7. The gasoline pumping through your car engine is what makes the wind whip through your hair when you stick your whole head out the car window like a dog.

8. There's energy behind all the delicious foods that power county fairs, baseball games, and neighborhood block parties.

9. Energy helps produce clean water so you can stay properly hydrated.

10. Without reliable power, you can forget about throwing that summer BBQ/pool bash.

11. Energy even goes into the cocktails that make you forget how hot it was in the first place.

You probably didn't realize how many ways America's safe, reliable energy infrastructure helps keep you cool this summer and every summer!

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