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    • AmericanIndian

      Oklahoma has a LOT of American Indians…this is where many tribes were removed to during the infamous Trail of Tears implemented by Jefferson. It is the heart of the so-called “Indian Country”….so how could such a move be considered “innocent”? Yet, I must say many American Indian men who have no rights to this type of ceremonial headdress wear them as well…what was once a ceremonial object is worn by many men and children in social pow-wows and that is as incorrect as this one in dances all across the USA. At least it was not a headdress filled with Eagle Feathers. Surely this young woman has been exposed to the lives of the many tens of thousands of American Indians who live in her state….so the sad reveal here is that growing up surrounded by American Indians she made zero effort to understand them at all and calls this ignorance, in fact, “innocence”. I am an Ojibwe American Indian, so I know this story very well. Not one story on this farce has explained in even the most general way that this type of object is ceremonial in nature, when used correctly it denotes “sacred” office, traditionally worn only by those who held high ceremonial positions (even though now in pow-wow, like I said, you might see a ten year old American Indian boy wearing one with 50 Eagle Feathers on it, something forbidden in more traditional times)…another teachable moment is lost to all.

    • AmericanIndian

      Spectacular preview. One of the more actually useful and interesting stories you guys have ever posted here. It does seem pointlessly sad that these great pieces of history are relegated to endless darkness and not available to the public. I hope the story stirs up some renewed efforts in the museum project. Also I had no idea at all that the military sends artists to record military events, this is quite the revelation and it would be most interesting in the future to read more about these sorts of efforts by the military. I am an artist myself, and a Vietnam vet. The measure of a soldier’s soul can be captured in art, as we see in some of these paintings, many of which are almost haunting in their intensity and accuracy of emotion. Until today I had zero knowledge of the collection. Thanks for posting this, I hope you guys will stay on this story and try to bring us more on these collections.

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