10 Awesome And Unconventional Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

Trust us — it’s easier than you think. Listen: life wasn’t meant to be single-player. Get out there, meet some fresh faces, and turn them into teammates. And once you’ve got your game face on, enjoy the sweet, smooth flavor of Wild Turkey American Honey.

1. Join a unicycle hockey league.

There has never been a bad idea that began with the words “okay, but what if everyone was riding a unicycle?”

2. Or a boozy minibike kickball team.

Take a little bit of alcohol, combine with an even littler minibike, add a dash of traditional kickball, and shake well. Garnish with plenty of scraped knees.

3. Join a competitive karaoke league.

Karaoke: the only activity where “Don’t Stop Believing” turns into a battle cry.

4. Throw a jazz age lawn party.

If The Great Gatsby movie taught us anything it’s that A) the 1920s pretty much looked like one long Jay-Z music video, and B) people in 2013 still have a whole lot of love for that jazz age swag.

5. Hit up retro videogame night at your local dive bar.

Button mashing and brews: two great tastes that taste great together.

6. Get involved with an old-timey baseball league.

1864 baseball is essentially the sport you already know and love, but with dandier uniforms and more top hats. So many more top hats.

7. Or attend a murder mystery dinner party.

Red Herring Games / Via youtube.com

Nothing breaks the ice quite like politely accusing your fellow dinner guests of murder in the first degree before asking them to pass the potatoes.

8. Become a pub trivia pro.

Are you ever really going to need to know how many species of kangaroo are native to the plains of Australia? Probably not, but there’s also no reason you shouldn’t know how many species of kangaroo are native to the plains of Australia.

9. Fall in with a roller derby crew.

Imagine if you took a high-octane rugby match and slapped a set of rollerskates on everyone involved. Welcome to the wide, wild world of recreational roller derby.

10. Or become the captain of a geocaching squad.

Pretty much a big GPS-based scavenger hunt, geocaching turns the world around you into a huge playing field for everyone involved. Players band together to hunt down treasures hidden in cleverly disguised locations. And, let’s face it — it’s the closest we’re gonna get to tracking down Horcruxes outside of Harry Potter.

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