10 Of The Absolute Coolest Kickball Team Costumes

Because what’s life if not one big costume contest? Whether you’re up against a team of pirates, zombies, or something in-between, make sure you’ve got your game face on. And once the game’s over, enjoy the smooth taste of Wild Turkey American Honey.

1. 28 Runs Later

Pro-tip: Slow zombies? Much more fun to play against than fast zombies.

2. RuBall’s Drag Base

borderstan / Via Flickr: borderstan

Just because you’re roughin’ it in the summer heat doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous.

3. Pirates of the Carriballin’

Barrel of rum is, of course, mandatory.

4. Star Wars: A Brew Hope

Play the Imperial March as you strut onto the field for maximum badassery.

5. Mario Kartball

It’s all fun and games until somebody pitches a blue shell.

6. Justice League: The Brave and The Ball’d

Courtesy of Jayme Wagner / Via Facebook: jayme.wagner.9

Hey, even superheroes have to have a little R&R every now and then.

7. Top 40, Bottom of the 9th

kevo_nator / Via instagram.com

LMFAO, Shakira, Nicki Minaj, and Adam Levine playing kickball? IT’S JUST LIKE OUR FAN FICTION.

8. When You Give A Mouse A Kickball

Commissioner BarPenguin / Via facebook.com

True, it’s kinda cheesy, but you have to admit: it’s a pretty gouda costume.

9. Homerun Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaball

Courtesy of Jayme Wagner / Via Facebook: jayme.wagner.9

Shirts vs. skins? Try wizards vs. Dementors. Losers have to chug a cooler full of butterbeer.

10. America The Brewtiful

smashby1 / Via instagram.com

Why star-spangled speedos, you ask? Because ‘Murica. No more questions.

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