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14 Motherhood Moments That Deserve An Award

Because it isn't all rainbows and butterflies.

1. When your "me time" isn't interrupted once.

2. When you always know how to finish the sentence, "MOM I CAN'T FIND MY ________ !"

3. When you remember to ask the kids to use the bathroom before you get on the road.

4. When you hold back mom rage at people's unsolicited parenting advice.

5. When you're in bed at a reasonable hour.

6. When you go to the grocery store and make it home with everything you need.

7. When you actually have time to get ready in the morning.

8. When you understand the latest kid lingo and earn some cool points.

9. When you help with your child's school project.

10. When you actually know how to solve a homework question.

11. When you teach your kids the importance of not caring what people think.

12. When you get every single human in the family photo to smile.

13. When you tell a corny mom joke and someone laughs.

14. When you get through a long day at work and still have the energy to play all night.

When you make dinner that is good for your kids AND they love it? Now that's definitely award-worthy.

The American Heart Association has tons of recipes and mom hacks that will make it even easier for you to have a healthy lifestyle.

Here's to you, moms of the world. 👍