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The 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Gypsies

Most people think that there's not much else to Gypsies other than fortunetelling and wearing a lot of bracelets. You'll quickly find, though, that most of what you know about the Romani people is wrong—and you can see up-close and personal with American Gypsies, premiering July 17 at 9pm only on National Geographic Channel.

1. Gypsies lead a "carefree" lifestyle

2. Gypsies are uneducated

3. All Gypsies are fortunetellers

4. Gypsies dress "trashy"

5. Gypsies marry extremely young

6. Gypsies are from Egypt

7. Most Gypsies are unemployed

8. Being a Gypsy is a "lifestyle"

9. Gypsies are swindlers

10. There aren't any Gypsies in America