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10 Gifts That Will Get You Major Friend Points

Need to win over a friend this holiday season? There is totally a difference between good gifts and terrible gifts. We’ve chosen the good ones. You can even use Membership Rewards points for some of these and save a few bucks.

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1. A Roomba


Friend Points: 7/10

Strengths: Clean your place without doing any work!

Weaknesses: Might get commandeered by pets for alternative purposes.

OK, let's be honest: Your friends probably don't even vacuum regularly. So maybe this will give them the push they need? This sort of gift could turn their life around! (Duckling and cat not included.)

2. A Personal Website Domain


Friend Points: 8/10

Strengths: Generally inexpensive, and more creative than most gift ideas!

Weaknesses: Hopefully you or one of your friends knows how to put together a basic website.

It's a pretty good idea these days to mark out your own turf on the web. If you're feeling devious, get your friend's domain, and fill their page with cat GIFs just to see their reaction. See if their domain is available here.

3. Dance Lessons


Friend Points: 9/10

Strengths: Makes you seem pretty hip.

Weaknesses: You can't learn swag. But dance is a step in the right direction.

Hopefully your friend doesn't take it the wrong way and think you are suggesting that they need a little help on the dance floor. Even if this is actually the case, maybe start with this to be more subtle.

4. Some Sweet Headphones


Friend Points: 8/10

Strengths: Looks cool, sounds cool.

Weaknesses: Can make you seem anti-social sometimes.

Unfortunately, these don't come with rhythm... you gotta get that on your own. But you can get the headphones here, which will get you one step closer!

5. Any Type of Cool Subscription

wetwebwork /CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: wetwebwork

Friend Points: 6/10

Strengths: Extremely practical.

Weaknesses: Might be boring, depending on what you choose.

There are so many options! You could go for a "tie-of-the-month club," or a regular wet wipes delivery! It's always funny to give gifts that are actually useful (like socks).

6. A Gift Card for Burritos


Friend Points: 10/10

Strengths: Free burritos, enough said.

Weaknesses: None.

Burritos are pretty much the perfect food. They are good when you're hungry, good when reheated, and especially good after a crazy night out on the town. Find a burrito joint near your friend, acquire a gift card, and you're all set. Or just make some yourself for your friend with this.

7. The Latest Video Game Console


Friend Points: 9/10

Strengths: Whatever is hot right now in the gaming world will be a sure win!

Weaknesses: You may never see your friend again.

Hopefully your friend is pretty cool and invites you over to come play the game console that YOU gave as a gift. That was the intent all along anyways, right?

8. A Vacation Package


Friend Points: 9/10

Strengths: You give your friend an excuse to take a trip somewhere and live a little!

Weaknesses: Can be kind of pricey, and has to work with their schedule.

Maybe you feel like being nice. Or maybe you're fed up with dealing with people this holiday season. Either way, through the internet, you can snatch up a relatively inexpensive vacation package for your friend and get them outta here for a while. Also, be sure to make sure they have everything they need!

9. A Cocktail Toolkit


Friend Points: 8/10

Strengths: Useful, and makes you look refined.

Weaknesses: Doesn't come with booze.

Who doesn't need a classy set of tools to craft their own cocktails? You can use reward points to redeem all the tools you need.

10. Concert Tickets


Friend Points: 9/10

Strengths: It's hip, trendy, and everyone loves live music, right?

Weaknesses: No instant gratification; you'll have to wait for the concert date to roll around.

Figure out what kind of music your friend likes, and get them a ticket to a concert when a good band is in town. Heck, get yourself a ticket too and go together! Win-win.