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The 15 Emotional Stages Of Dropping Your Phone

It's quite the roller coaster.

1. You feel your phone slide out of your fingers...and panic.

2. You start praying it falls screen-side up.

3. It doesn't.

4. The denial stage.

5. You pick up your phone, almost too scared to look at it, 'cause you just know it's going to be completely shattered.

6. You suddenly become very aware of your own stupidity.

7. Regret. Like, you should have bought a screen protector when you had the chance.

8. Or even some phone insurance.

9. The anger phase. You blame yourself for not being more careful.

10. But if you're really honest with yourself, you know that you're as clumsy as they come.

11. You have to pick yourself up, so you give yourself a pep talk.

12. "Maybe it's not too bad." You start feeling more hopeful.

13. False positivity. Maybe you can get used to living life with only 23% of a functioning screen?

14. Acceptance. You realise the situation is hopeless. So you suck it up and decide to buy a replacement screen.

15. You convince yourself that it won't happen again...but deep down, you know the truth. You are clumsy and cannot be trusted.

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