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14 Defining Adult Moments That Make You Say "Yep, I'm Old Now"

It's not all bad. Take adulthood by the horns with the American Express Essential® Card and be rewarded for your everyday purchases.

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1. The momentous occasion when you took out your own health insurance.

Doctor Who / BBC One / Via

Who cares if it was just because you got kicked off your parents' plan.

2. When you didn't automatically buy the cheapest wine at the bottle-o.

Will & Grace / NBC / Via

"What's your most expensive goon?"

3. And when you tasted the wine at a restaurant to check it was OK before buying the bottle.

You're basically a sommelier now!

You're basically a sommelier now!

4. When you stopped getting excited about checking the mail because you only ever got sent bills.

Miracle On 34th Street / 20th Century Fox / Via

It's nowhere near as fun as getting letters from your childhood pen pal.

5. When you had to bluff your way through a conversation with a teen because you had no clue what they were saying.

You Again / Touchstone Pictures / Via

Next you'll be calling them "the youth".

6. When your Friday-night plans got cancelled and you felt relieved, not disappointed.

Staying in > going out.

Staying in > going out.

7. Because just the thought of being hungover now taints your nights out.

Futurama / FOX / Via

You know you won't feel normal again for at least two days.

8. When you invited your friends over to have a civilised dinner party.

BuzzFeed, Real Housewives of New York / Bravo / Via

And also broadened your definition of "party".

9. When you began planning all your weekends and holidays around your friends' weddings.

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Not to mention all the hens/bucks and baby showers.

10. The morning you woke up at 9am and thought, Oh, that was a lovely sleep in.

Long gone are the days of getting up at noon; you have errands to run!
Dan Previte (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: dprevite Flickr: dprevite

Long gone are the days of getting up at noon; you have errands to run!

11. When you managed to keep a pot plant alive for longer than a week.

Léon: The Professional / Gaumont Buena Vista International / Via

Next step dog, then baby.

12. The time you went out for dinner with your parents and offered to pick up the bill.

You're still recovering tbh.
Pashyksv / Getty Images

You're still recovering tbh.

13. When you bought an "investment" piece for your house, and looked for quality and design more than the price.

Martin and Kathy Dady (CC BY-ND 2.0) / Via Flickr: thedadys, BuzzFeed

Your tastes have matured enough now that you know you won't get sick of things.

14. And when you started requesting practical things – like kitchen appliances – for your birthday presents.

Made by Spencer Bergen

Or saying absurd things like "Don't get me anything!" and actually meaning it.

Adulthood comes with its perks too, like being rewarded for your everyday purchases with the American Express Essential® Card. Win!

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