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Expectations Vs. Reality Of Running A Small Business

It's great to be the boss, but there are two sides to being in charge. And with the Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN, you’ll have access to tools like ReceiptMatch℠ that can help you make running things that much easier.

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1. EXPECTATION: A meticulous budget will keep everything under control.

REALITY: Whoa! Everything is oh-so-very pricey.

2. EXPECTATION: Every day will be wildly different, and you just may not survive.

REALITY: There's really nothing you can't handle.

3. EXPECTATION: The extremely business-savvy are the ones who survive.


REALITY: For whatever reason, some people just get lucky.


4. EXPECTATION: You get to pursue something that interests you.

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REALITY: You're able to create opportunities and give back to the community.

5. EXPECTATION: Once you get a steady income, you can finally relax.

REALITY: It's going to take a lot more than that.

6. EXPECTATION: You get to make your own schedule.

REALITY: It's true! But your passion drives you to spend countless hours working.

7. EXPECTATION: Owning the business lets you really connect with your clients.

REALITY: Sometimes you get caught up in the minutiae of expenses, receipts, and paperwork.

8. EXPECTATION: You get to pick people with whom you're excited to work.

REALITY: Some of them won't feel the same way.

9. EXPECTATION: No one will ever want to help you with anything, ever.

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REALITY: There are mentors and resources to help you succeed.

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10. EXPECTATION: There will never be enough hours in the day.

REALITY: Yup, that is very much true.

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