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9 Reasons People Actually Love Going To The Dentist

Dentist fandom is real, people. Here are some patients on why going to the dentist makes them smile.

1. "I like that I can just lie there with my eyes closed. I don't have to speak to anyone, and the chairs are pretty comfy, so it's a nice break during my workday." —Dana V.

2. "I have a great smile and great teeth. Well, let me clarify. That's what I'm told when I go to the dentist, and that's also why I like going. I get a lot of compliments." —Tammy T.

3. "I like the regularity of the checkup and find dental cleanings pretty relaxing — kicking back in the lean-back chair, the light shining warmly on my face while I close my eyes and zone out..." —Casey C.

4. "After going to the dentist, I just enjoy the peace of mind knowing as long as I brush and floss regularly, my teeth are good until my next checkup." —Tim U.

5. "I like the goodie bags because they have the GOOD floss. It doesn’t get stuck between my teeth like the cheap stuff." —Rachel M.

6. "I LOVE the goodie bags. I save every travel-size tube of toothpaste Dentist bags are my preferred swag bags." —Brita W.

7. "Dentists spend all day looking in people's mouths, so I like to ask them questions about the weirdest things they've found in there." —Caitlin C.

8. "I love having the evidence of my sweet tooth totally scraped and scrubbed off, and then I get to leave with the freshest, cleanest feeling in the world. What could be better?" —Tory H.

9. "I LOVE seeing x-rays of my teeth and having them explain what I'm looking at. Also, apparently asking to keep my wisdom teeth is pretty common?" —Becky S.

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