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11 Ways To Conquer Hong Kong Like A Local

Hint: eat. Practice all these tips and book your next flight to Hong Kong with American Airlines, nonstop from DFW Airport.

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1. First of all, you'll need an Octopus card.

It will make your life so much easier. You'll be able to use it to pay for the MTR and virtually any public transportation in the city, as well as at many fast food vendors, photo booths, supermarkets, and more.

10. And definitely don't hesitate to order up some congee.

Rice porridge with meat, fish, century eggs, or any other accoutrements your heart desires (pickled vegetables, cilantro, pork floss — you name it). As ubiquitous and hearty as chicken noodle soup is in the States.

11. In fact, do the most HK thing of all, and just keep eating all the delicious things the city has to offer!

Fried octopus balls, youtiao (savory Chinese crullers), crispy pork belly, steamed buns — bliss.