9 Obamacare Questions For Kathleen Sebelius That Will Make You Say “Really?!?”

A list of 9 questions for HHS Secretary Sebelius on the health care rollout.

We compiled a list of 9 questions for Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in anticipation of the Senate’s hearing on the rollout of the Affordable Care Act’s health exchanges.

1. Recently released documents show you’re getting daily enrollment numbers, but the Administration has said we’ll have to wait weeks to know if enrollment is working. Why?

2. When the President tells the American people that Oregon reduced its uninsured population by 10%, why doesn’t he mention how many of those people are shifted to Medicaid?

3. Do you still think 3.3 million people will be able to sign up by the end of the year?

4. Assuming the website works by the end of November, do you think 14 days is a reasonable amount of time for someone to replace their canceled policy?

5. So we should believe you that the website that you had years to build and was supposed to be ready by October will actually be ready by December?

6. Why are you telling the American people there are “alternative enrollment methods” when they still have to go through the broken website?

7. So the IRS is going to rely on the honor system - with no verification - to ensure that subsidies aren’t given to those who have affordable employer-sponsored coverage or make enough money to buy their own coverage?

8. Why do you think the company that your agency labeled “high risk” because they endangered personal information of six million people should be in charge of repairing HealthCare.gov?

9. So we’re still paying the people who were already paid millions of dollars to build this website?

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