13 Things Bros Would Rather Buy Than Obamacare

Bros nationwide can expect to pay more for health insurance on the new exchanges. That money would be better spent elsewhere for maximum R-bro-I.

A healthy, 30 year old male buying health insurance on the new exchanges will be spending - on average - $125.08 more each month on health insurance premiums next year.

2. Or This If He’s Got A Discerning Palate

3. Or Some Of These If He Wants To Make It a Big Night

4. Tickets To See This

6. He Could Buy The Supplies To Make One Of These

7. Or Take A Lucky Lady On A Romantic Date

8. Maybe Some More Collars To Pop

9. Or A Few Of These Truly ‘Murican Tank Tops For His Crew

10. If He Saved Up For A Year, He Could Go On A Trip With His Bros To Here

12. Maybe Even Buy A New One Of These

Or More Accurately

$125 per month / $15 per case of brews = Approx. 8 cases per month (aka solid R-bro-I)

At this rate, Obamacare is going to have a serious bro-tastrophe on their hands. And all good bros know what to do when you’ve got a problem like this:

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