Wolves Reacting To “The Wolf Of Wall Street” As They Watch It

At this point, they’re the only ones who haven’t weighed in.

1. Kids, go to bed.

This is a Mommy and Daddy movie.

2. Guythz, I got my tchewing sthick! Leths do thisth thing!

Gotta have movie snacks.


Everyone shut up!

4. Uhh, why is there a lion walking through the office? I thought this movie was about wolves?

5. I did NOT know you could do cocaine through there.

The butt. Someone just took cocaine through their butt.

6. Oh GOOD, Leo’s breaking the fourth wall. I LOVE that.


It also looks a LOT like Matthew McConaughey. Weird.

8. What…is…he…doing?

Was this chest-thumping in the script or is McConaughey free-wheelin’ it?

9. I *think* that’s the guy from Boy Meets World

10. BAHAHAHA Jonah Hill is wearing a flipper like a toddler in a tiara!!!

11. Is that Shane from The Walking Dead?

So many recognizable faces!

12. Really? He really has a marching band on hand for office parties?

I doubt it!

13. COACH TAYLOR!!!!!!

Wolf eyes, wolf hearts, I’m a wolf!

14. Ooooooh Leo’s the wolf! Also, I love when they say the movie title in the movie. No sarcasm.

15. EW that sound and blood spurting when that guy got punched! I’m a wolf and even I think vomit is the right reaction.

16. They fire that guy and say this is a real “wolf pit”? They know NOTHING of the wolves.

Honestly, The Hangover was closer.


That’s what I’ve officially decided to call a Jon Favreau cameo.

18. “More chest banging?” “Ok this might be a cult.” “Yeah, I think this might definitely be a cult.” “Guys, I think the gazelle we were hunting got away.”

19. THIS is why wolves are land mammals!

I do not want ANYTHING to do with that “chop”!

20. “I, for one, will never go on a boat with Leonardo DiCaprio. Never ends well.” “Indeed.”

21. Good. He deserves to go to jail.

22. This soundtrack has been fantastic.

“Mrs. Robinson” as the FBI raid the office is somehow perfect.

23. UGH he even had an easy time in prison??? I hate this guy so much.

24. “Well! That was…interesting.”

“I think I liked it?” “Are we allowed to say that?”

25. Is it “Score-SAY-zee?”

26. Sure, unless you actually know anything about film in which case you’d know it’s “Score-SEZ-ee.”

28. Can I watch “Frozen” now?

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