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14 Essential Habits Of Highly Successful Procrastinators

This list has been in the making for fifteen years.

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5. Have multiple internet-capable devices.

Distract yourself from your computer procrastination with smartphone procrastination, then procrastinate from that with your tablet. Create an impervious spider-web of procrastination.

6. Be so bad at time-math that you constantly find yourself without time to actually accomplish things.

Because everyone knows that if it's 8am and you have to leave by 9 you can get up at 9:10 because -10 minutes is plenty of time to shower.

7. Have several favorite time-suck websites on your bookmarks bar, and always be willing to make room in your heart for a new one.

"An endless GIF of a pug puppy licking the screen? Guess I'm not signing up for healthcare today!"

9. Be in a place with a fridge and pantry.

Just because they didn’t have appealing munchie options the last four times you looked, doesn’t mean they won’t THIS TIME! (Yes it does. (But don't let that deter you!)) Each time you check, a precious minute is wasted. Nice.

14. And finally: Be curious - too curious.

Ever wonder how tall the tallest person in the world is? Or how many hairs are actually on your body? Google that shit! Climb every mountain, follow every link, end up in weird places.

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