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Top Tips For Dressing Your Baby In Winter

Cold weather can be a huge worry for new moms, who want to make sure their precious babies are as warm and cozy as possible, but often don’t know where to start. The good news is that dressing your baby when the temperature plummets doesn’t have to be hard work, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either! Here are some top tips for dressing your baby for winter:

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Add One More Layer Than Mom

A great rule of thumb for savvy mommies is to dress your baby in one more layer than you are wearing. So for example, if you're heading out wearing a shirt paired with a sweater and pants then put your little one in the same outfit but with a long sleeved body suit underneath. Wrapping up your little bundle in lots of light layers like this is a great idea because it makes it so much easier to add or remove layers to help regulate their temperature and prevent them from overheating.

Don’t Forget the Hat!

Babies should always wear a cozy hat when they are outside during winter, because inactive babies don’t work up body heat like active children and adults do when we’re out in the cold: They therefore lose a lot of their body heat through their heads. Why not choose a cute knitted hat that will make a real style statement? Aztec prints, animal-inspired creations and bold slogans are all very popular for children this season.

Add extra accessories

The extremities, such as the hands, ears and feet, are the parts of the baby most at risk of frostbite during bitterly cold winter weather, so it's important to ensure they are warm and well covered. As well as choosing a hat that covers the ears you should also ensure you baby is wearing snug booties (knitted moccasins are ideal for this) and mittens. Avoid mittens with string details and don't be tempted to add a scarf though, as these are both a choking hazard for small children.

Shop Around

Good quality baby clothes can be expensive, particular if you’re looking for heavy winter pieces, but savvy moms shop around as much as possible. Make use of baby boutique sites, such as to pick up the high quality pieces you’re looking for without the high retail price tags. Keeping your baby warm and stylish this winter doesn't have to break the bank, as long as you take the time to look for the best possible deals on the key pieces you need.

Choose Styles You Love

When it comes to picking a big ticket item of clothing, such as a coat or snowsuit, be sure to pick a style and design that you really love. Remember that your baby will be wearing this every day for the next couple of months, so it is likely to feature heavily in their baby book, not to mention on your social media accounts! Make sure you choose a design that you enjoy looking at or pick a plain design that you can change and update with lots of different, brightly colored winter accessories.

Stay Car Seat Safe

Finally, although it can be tempting to put your baby in his car seat wearing a coat or snowsuit to keep him warm, this is actually a safety risk and should be avoided. In order to work properly, car seat straps should fit snugly to the body, and that means they should be worn over as few layers as possible. A top tip is to keep your baby in their base layer, such a romper or pants and shirt topped with a winter hat in the car, and then add blankets over the top for warmth. With a wide array of beautiful fleece and knit blankets in a rainbow of colors and patterns available, you'll be keeping your baby safe, warm, and stylish!

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