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Five Noteworthy R&B Albums Of 2017

A few of the only good things to come out of 2017.

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1. American Teen: Khalid


This album is the perfect soundtrack for a good cry. It is an expression of the American youth and some of the hardships and pressures we all face growing up. Khalid has a wide range of vocal abilities that draw listeners in, complimented by a wide range of accompanying music, both upbeat and slow.

2. Ctrl: SZA


This album is centered around girl empowerment and breaking down double standards. It is an audio journal of SZA's personal hurt, but it is also a testament of modern romance and all of complications it encompasses. The album touches on topics that many people are afraid to face, but the presentation of these topics is carried out in such a graceful way that you forget the taboo aspects are taboo in the first place.

3. Fervor: Sylo Nozra


Fervor is the type of album that makes you feeling satisfyingly unsatisfied, as there are only seven songs that leave you wanting more. The relaxing melodies are the perfect compliment to Nozra's enthralling voice.

4. Freudian: Daniel Caesar


Yet another talented Canadian artist (seriously where do they get these people?) Freudian is centered around love, the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is a range of emotions that evoke sympathetic feelings from even the most detached people. It's just that good.

5. Trip: Jhené Aiko


Trip is focused on a journey of ranging emotions combatted with drug use. While everyone may not have direct experience with a similar situation, we can all think of things that help us cope with difficult situation. The album is relatable and the songs follow a strict storyline that makes you feel as though you are reliving the described moments in real time.

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