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Hot Guys With Curly Hair

This may be even better than man buns...

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2. Curly hair is clearly popular amongst the men of Westeros

Instagram: @finnjones / Via

3. Don't forget about the original curly hair crush

Instagram: @ohadambrody

It was clearly teen TV that gave us such good taste in hair

Instagram: @pennbadgley

4. James Franco is so committed to curly hair, he has a matching curly dog

Instagram: @jamesfrancotv

5. Aaron Taylor-Johnson's curly hair totally kicks ass

Instagram: @aarontaylorjohnson

6. Does anyone else still miss watching Robert Sheehan on Misfits?

Instagram: @robert_sheehan

8. Darren Criss's curly hair brings me 'glee'

Instagram: @darrencriss

9. This gives me life


11. This makes birds suddenly appear

12. Curly hair and a dog? Give me strength

Instagram: @brodyjenner

13. I think we can all agree why he's called McDreamy?

14. Please grow your hair again Hugh Dancy! Love from everyone

Instagram: @thehughdancy

15. And last but definitely not least...I'm sorry I've forgotten how to say words

Instagram: @henrycavill
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