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10 Feelings You Have When You're Romantic "Thing" With Someone Ends

You know when you have a "thing" with someone, they're not your significant other, but...

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Confusing Right?

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Sometimes you find yourself in these weird relationships, you know, the ones where there is a lot of sexual tension, then you finally hook up and now you don't know how to act?

1. Just Chillin'

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Usually at first you're like, really satisfied and like totally trying to keep it cool.

2. Then you see them in public for the first time...

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Gotta throw them the cool, "hey we have a dirty secret" nod and keep going

3. Then they don't smile back and over-analyze it...

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What did I do? Was I weird? Do they still think Im hot? I might die now.

4. Heaven forbid you have mutual friends...

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What did they say about me? WHAT DO YOU KNOW?????

5. So you sit there trying to shoot them a casual text...

giphy / Via though your entire self-worth isn't riding on their reply...

6. You realize you have to get yourself in check

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You delete the text, tell yourself not to be clingy, and decide to wait for them to text YOU.

7. You either crack or they finally text you

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So is this just for the booty or what?

8. Now your either pissed or excited...

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They like me back! Or maybe they don't... I just need to knowwwwww

9. You got to see them again...

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Your next interaction will DEFINITELY tell you what you need to know

10. And now your feelings are hurt because it NEVER ends well.

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Some lucky people end up with the perfect bf/gf, as for the rest of us we just have to put on Lemonade and move on. (no one cynical here)

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