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This College Student Council Was Scammed Out Of A Migos Concert

Emory's Student Programming Council is reportedly seeking replacements for the fraudulent Migos concert.

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Like many schools, Emory University hires artists to perform during a homecoming-esque spring school spirit week. This year, students were hype to find out that Migos would be coming to campus. In a sudden change of events students were informed that it was all a scam. Nobody will be getting bad and bougie.

Around Emory's campus today, students are feeling sad and boujee.

Students at Emory will have to hang up their T-shirts, put away their Medusa-Versace chains, and drunkenly _____ the Culture some other time.


In a widely shared FB post, the school's student council announced that not only will Migos not be performing, but they were SCAMMED.

In the letter, the Student Programming Council says that they worked with a third-party to book Migos. After making the deposit for the performance (and announcing the concert), they discovered the third-party they were working with was a "fraudulent entity."

And students have a lot of feelings about it.

Some students are questioning how this could have happened in the first place, especially since the Migos are independent.

Emory students right now.

Facebook: video.php / Via Sierra Russell

Emory's Student Programming Council will now have to look for other acts to join the ranks of illustrious Dooley's Week alumni, such as R3HAB, DJ Khaled, and The Chainsmokers.

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