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    • ameliaf3

      Mellsam17,Imake clothes. I’ve had clothes made for me. It’s really not that difficult. You make different clothes inaplus-size, some will look better and be more suitable for plus gals of different silhouettes. It’s the same as with “straight” sized clothing. Not ever girl will be able to wear every garment. Plus-sized women realize this as much as their non-plus counterparts. We’ll take something to the tailor if we want to take inawaist or bring upahem. The problem is, finding nice clothes easily that we can shop around for is very difficult.Iwouldn’t mind paying somewhat more if the items available in the plus section were actually designed well and made of good fabric, but they’re usually not. And there arealot of us, myself included, who do fit into clothing lines that have simply extended the straight patterns up past 10/12.

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