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    8 Times Miley Cyrus And Molly Soda Were Exactly The Same Person

    Miley Cyrus is a pop star turned... provocateur. Molly Soda is a Tumblr/ Youtube star and successful digital artist. Someone is copying someone here. At the very least the two artists from wildly different worlds seem to be soul sisters. Proof:

    Exhibit A: Bleached Brows Selfie

    Via / Via

    Molly posted her bleached brows selfie in October of 2014 to her Tumblr.

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @mileycyrus

    Miley bleached her brows in Nov. 2013 for a shoot with W.

    Exhibit B: Newsmaking Entrée to the Art World

    View this video on YouTube

    Youtube / Via

    Molly's "Inbox Full" was a video piece shown at Phillips, a high-end auction house in New York, as part of Paddles ON . The piece, which is eight hours of Molly reading her Tumblr inbox start to finish, sold for $1,500.

    Instagram / Via

    Miley debuted her accessories and sculptures at V Magazine's offices, and on the runway at Jeremy Scott's S/S 2015 show during New York Fashion Week.

    Exhibit C: They Love Their Pets Enough to Essentially Make Out With Them

    Molly Soda's Tumblr / Via

    Molly's rat is named Butt Loaf.

    Molly Soda's Tumblr / Via

    Miley <3s Her Dogs

    The Daily Mail/ Twitter / Via

    Like Really <3s Them

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @MileyCyrus

    Miley has anywhere between three to six dogs at any given time. The Internet find it very hard to keep track.

    Exhibit D: Pasties

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @mollysoda
    Tumblr / Via

    Digital pasties! IMO, some of Molly's best work. Photoshop pasties>real pasties. But unsure if they're better than...

    ...Miley's Ice Cream Pasties!!!

    The Daily Mail / Via

    Miley donned these at the Alexander Wang NYFW after party in Brooklyn, NY.

    Exhibit E: "Kewl"

    if ur butt touched my butt would u be like so what or would u think it was kewl?-- molly soda (@mollysoda) September 28, 2014

    Twitpic / Via

    Kewl pic of me Peeing at work hehwhwhwhwhe @mollysoda

    View this video on YouTube

    Youtube / Via


    Miley Seems to Prefer "Kiewl"

    Exhibit F: Fond of Low-Fi Graphics

    Molly Soda / Via
    Instagram / Via

    Exhibit G: Funny Faces With Friends

    Instagram / Via

    Who even is that? Miley doesn't say.

    Exhibit H: DGAF

    Tumblr / Via
    Pacific Coast News / Via

    In conclusion, they're the same.

    Giphy/ Tumblr / Via