Queer Women’s Sexual Experiences After Sexual Violence

Please consider participating in a short online survey for my Master’s thesis.

1. Hi everyone!

I am writing about my Master’s level thesis. My thesis explores the sexual experiences of queer women after sexual violence perpetrated by a previous intimate partner in a non-heterosexual relationship. Previous research has focused on women’s sexual experiences after sexual assault as perpetrated by men, leaving a significant gap in the literature. My goal is to begin filling this research gap by examining the sexual experiences of exclusively queer women after sexual violence perpetrated by a previous intimate partner. In addition, my goal is to challenge the myth that queer relationships are immune to sexual violence. I also hope to use this study’s findings to assist clinical social workers in meeting the needs of queer women after sexual violence.

Participation in the study consists of completing an anonymous, online survey. It will take between 10 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. Participants will be asked a series of personal and sensitive questions about their sexual life after their sexual violence experience. At any point prior to submitting the survey, a participant may opt out by simply exiting the page.

Will you please help me find individuals to participate in thesis? I am looking for participants who meet the following criteria:
· Identify as queer and female-identified

· Aged 18+ over

· Experienced sexual violence as perpetrated by an intimate partner

· Not currently in a relationship with the perpetrator of sexual violence

· The relationship the violence occurred in is considered non-heterosexual

Will you please forward this email to anyone who might be interested in participating in my study? I have attached the recruitment flyer to this email for your reference. Interested individuals may proceed directly to the survey link at http://bit.ly/2ixsNK1 or contact me via email (acatalano@smith.edu) or phone (916-402-1484) with questions they may have about participation in the study.

Thank you for your time and help!

This study protocol has been reviewed and approved by the Smith College School for Social Work Human Subjects Review Committee (HSRC).


Amee Catalano, B.A.
Master’s of Social Work Candidate
Smith College School for Social Work

Amee Catalano

3. Thank you!

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