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    The Extremely Disturbing "#cutforbieber" Is Trending On Twitter

    This is horrifying.

    It seems that some of Justin Bieber's fans are upset with the recent photos that leaked of him smoking what appears to be marijuana. To try to get him to stop using drugs, they have allegedly taken to self-mutilation as a way to show just how upset they are.

    While many of the tweets associated with the hashtag comment on how appalling it is or attempt to make jokes by posting images of people cutting pieces of paper, a few users have actually linked to images of self-harm. And while it's tough to verify that these images actually correspond to the Twitter users in question, the fact that images of self-mutilation are being posted at all is immensely disturbing.

    Here are a few tweets speaking out against the hashtag.

    Here are a few disturbing seemingly pro-cutting tweets.

    Again, it is unclear how many of the images being linked to are authentic, or whether or not this trend was started as some sort of joke. Either way, it's pretty sickening to see this hashtag trending on Twitter, with over 70,000 mentions this afternoon.