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    The 16 Pieces Of Artwork You See In Every Twentysomething's Apartment

    Millennials heart art.

    1. A map of whatever city you live in.

    Because everyone loves to rep their (adopted) hometown.

    2. Something French.

    To prove that you're cultured.

    3. A poster from Ikea.

    To show that you're down with the Scandinavian design trend.

    4. A portrait of Audrey Hepburn.

    For the classic Hollywood glamor.

    5. Something by Warhol.

    "Well of course I understand pop art. Did you even see my Marilyn poster?"

    And speaking of pop art...

    6. Something by Lichtenstein.

    Because it's not "high art" enough just to have comic books lying around.

    7. This kiss.

    Captured by Alfred Eisenstaedt, this image has come to symbolize the end of America's involvement in World War Two. But you probably know someone who hung it up just because it's "sooo romantic!!!"

    8. Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks."

    Because it really captures that gritty urban vibe you love.

    9. Anything by Van Gogh.

    The classics are the classics for a reason.

    10. Any coffee table book that's been endorsed by MoMA.

    Ok, so technically this would be a collection of artworks. But seriously, who doesn't love a good coffee table book?

    11. An South Asian-inspired tapestry hanging from the wall

    Because you spent a semester abroad there and now India's really a part of you, you know?

    12. Something really twee that you found on etsy.

    Look how adorable!

    13. An old-timey movie poster.

    "Rosebud, am I right?"

    14. A picture of your favorite classic band.

    Bonus points if it's in black and white.

    15. Those letters that you put in your kitchen.

    "Oh I'm supposed to eat in here?"

    16. And, of course, some good old ironic kitsch.

    Dogs playing poker is always a good choice.

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