The 15 Ugliest Tennis Outfits Of All Time

These outfits are all fashion double faults.

15. Vince Spadea, 2007

Yes, he’s wearing a bedazzled trucker hat featuring an image of himself…wearing a trucker hat (how meta). This is why bedazzling and sports should never mix.

14. Jennifer Capriati, 2003

Patriotism is great, but don’t you think this is a bit much, Jen?

13. Aravane Rezai, 2010

Rezai had a breakthrough year in 2010, highlighted by a win over Venus Williams in the final of a tournament in Madrid. It would have been even more impressive if she hadn’t spent most of the year wearing this.

12. Martina Hingis, 2001

There’s really no occasion when a person would need a shirt with one short sleeve and one long sleeve. Apparently Hingis didn’t get the memo.

11. Bethanie Mattek, 2006

Mattek, now Mattek-Sands, is one of the most inventive dressers in women’s tennis. Unfortunately, when her outfits go wrong, they go very wrong.

These socks, for example, look like something your grandma might hand-knit you for your birthday. Most people hide those kinds of things in the back of their closet. Mattek chose to wear them on one of the biggest stages in tennis, the US Open.

10. Andre Agassi, 1992

He might have been the closest thing that tennis had to a rock star at the time, but Agassi still should have thought twice before wearing denim and bright red compression shorts.

Honorable mention in the ugly denim category: Serena Williams in 2004.

9. Bethanie Mattek-Sands, 2011

Mattek-Sands makes her second appearance on this list with this one-shoulder dress that would have been more appropriate…nowhere, really. There’s nowhere this dress should be worn.

8. Nadia Petrova, 2010

It looks like even Nadia is starting to question why she wore this outfit. It’s kind of like a rainbow threw up on her.

7. Serena Williams, 2004

Too many studs, not enough fabric. The 2004 US Open was not a good tournament for Serena, fashion wise.

6. Venus Williams, 2001

And there’s an opening in your shirt…why?

5. Anne White, 1985

White took Wimbledon’s all-white rule very seriously, covering her entire body in this lycra bodysuit. It was so controversial that when her match was suspended due to darkness, officials told her she had to return the next day in something more appropriate. She did, but lost the match anyway.

Honorable mention in the ugly bodysuits category: Serena Williams in hot pink.

4. Dominik Hrbatý, 2005

Maybe Hrbatý was going for some kind of built-in cooling system with this shirt…or maybe someone just took a pair of scissors to the back and he didn’t notice before he had to go on court.

3. Bethanie Mattek, 2007

Starting to see a pattern?

This is what Rezai’s dress would have looked like taken to the extreme. And that’s not a good thing.

2. Bethanie Mattek-Sands, 2010

When your outfit was designed by someone who also works for Lady Gaga, maybe you should get a second opinion before wearing it on court.

She also wore this dress to that year’s pre-Wimbledon party. That’s a lot of wasted tennis balls.

1. Venus Williams, 2011

Question: When is the best time to wear a dress that looks like a lattice pie crust? Answer: NEVER. NEVER, VENUS.

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