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    Netflix Adds Hilarious Fake "Arrested Development" Movies And Shows

    Netflix Instant just added these fake movies and TV shows from the first three seasons of Arrested Development to drum up excitement for the fourth season, premiering on Netflix in 2013. Because who wouldn't want to watch Families with Low Self-Esteem?

    "Families with Low Self-Esteem"

    Tobias Funke, the semi-renowned Freudian analyst/therapist and former chief resident of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, provides counseling to families deep in crisis in this deeply probing and emotionally uplifting series.

    "Girls with Low Self-Esteem: Newport Beach"

    Sunshine and self-esteem issues collide as drunken, scantily-clad co-eds with low self-worth and absolutely no shame hit Spring Break in Southern California. It's a wild, weekend adventure that you'll never forget ... but they'll wish they could.

    Note: Yes, the cover does say Orlando. But the show is listed as Newport Beach.


    When faced with some of the toughest cases the mean streets of Los Angeles has to offer, by-the-books detective Frank Wrench realizes he needs to loosen up, break some rules and maybe even throw out the book entirely, in order to get tough on crime.

    "Les Cousins Dangereux"

    To escape the scorn of their dissaproving families, two cousins flee to a sleepy, provincial town in France but are forced to hide their incestuous affair from the prying eyes of local villagers in this awkward tale of forbidden romance.


    No stone goes unturned and privacy means nothing in this reality series where sordid secrets and ugly truths come to light. Go behind the scenes of today's tabloid headlines with re-enactments of real-life incriminating scandals.

    "Ready, Aim...Marry Me!"!&oq=ready%20aim&ac_posn=1

    After an acrimonious parting of ways with fellow Nazi hunter, Red McGibbon, Bullet shows he's nobody's sidekick by flying solo in search of comedic adventures. But along the way he discovers romance in the arms of a sassy socialite.

    "Mock Trial with J. Reinhold"

    All rise for actor Judge Reinhold as he presides over this reality courtroom/variety series, featuring music by American Idol sensation William Hung and his band, Hung Jury, as they take real families and put them through mock trials.

    "Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison"

    Based on his book, "Musings From Prison," George Bluth presents the latest collection from his ongoing series of life lessons and motivational discourses on the Jewish faith, all while incarcerated at the Orange County Prison.

    "World's Worst Drivers"

    Classic crashes, funny fender-benders and stupid sideswipes are on all display in this series that tracks down the world's most terrible drivers on (and off) the road. There is nowhere to hide from these highway horrors.


    Sibling rivalry is taken to the extreme as brothers battle it out in this compilation of adolescent boyfights featuring "A Day in the Life of American Boys," A Boyfights Cookout," "Backseat Boyfights" and "I Don't Want to Go to Bed."

    All of the fake shows and movies lead to the same 11 minute video.

    It's mainly just shots of a peaceful looking mansion, but occasionally this guy pops up to do things like moonwalk while using a laptop, juggle, and perform a monologue.

    Update: Apparently it's a test video shot by Netflix, and isn't associated with the show itself.

    Update 2: The test video was a placeholder. Now the fake movies and shows link you to the episode of Arrested Development where they were first mentioned.

    "Arrested Development" can't come back soon enough.

    H/T to Splitsider.

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