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    Netflix Adds Hilarious Fake "Arrested Development" Movies And Shows

    Netflix Instant just added these fake movies and TV shows from the first three seasons of Arrested Development to drum up excitement for the fourth season, premiering on Netflix in 2013. Because who wouldn't want to watch Families with Low Self-Esteem?

    "Families with Low Self-Esteem"

    "Girls with Low Self-Esteem: Newport Beach"


    "Les Cousins Dangereux"


    "Ready, Aim...Marry Me!"

    "Mock Trial with J. Reinhold"

    "Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison"

    "World's Worst Drivers"


    All of the fake shows and movies lead to the same 11 minute video.

    "Arrested Development" can't come back soon enough.

    H/T to Splitsider.