How To Deal With Your Annoying Relatives This Thanksgiving

And no, getting very drunk is not an acceptable answer.

1. There’s a lot about Thanksgiving that’s great. Delicious food,

3. and plenty to watch on TV.

4. But it also means you have to spend time with all of your relatives.

5. And that can be frustrating.

6. But don’t worry. Here’s some advice to make sure you have the best Thanksgiving ever.

7. First, dress nicely.

So your judgmental grandpa can’t lecture you about how sloppy the kids these days look.

8. Plop your young cousins in front of the TV.

Or else you’ll have to listen to them blabber on about the art project they worked on in school last week.

9. Make sure not to take sides in any family arguments.

Just because your mom and Aunt Suzy are still mad at each other over what happened at the 4th of July barbecue doesn’t mean you need to get involved.

10. Keep the beer away from Uncle Steve.

Or you’re going to have to spend the rest of dinner listening to his subtly racist opinions about the situation in Gaza.

11. Just let your sister show off.

She’s on break from her first semester at college and wants everyone to know how much she’s learned. Sure, she doesn’t actually understand a thing Foucault wrote, but if it makes her happy, just let her tell you all about how amazing her intro sociology class is.

12. Make sure to compliment your hippie aunt.

She loves feeling as cool as you and your “young” generation. Her tie-dye shirt may be hideous, but she doesn’t need to know that.

13. Talk to your brother’s new girlfriend.

If she feels spurned, things will only be more awkward come Christmas-time.

14. Focus on the food.

Sorry Uncle Mark, can’t talk right now, I’ve got a mouthful of stuffing.

15. And if all else fails…

Fine, just get drunk.

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