28 Things You Need To See Before The Mayan Apocalypse

Just a little something to remember the world as we know it by.

1. This kitten trying to reach the kitchen counter.

2. And succeeding only five months later.

3. This dog eating a potato chip.

4. This amazing joke that Snoop Dogg (Lion?) made.

During his AMA on Reddit. If you have time, read the whole thing.

5. This dog Jet-Skiing.

6. This panda on an airplane.

An oldie but a goodie. He must have paid a lot for all that extra legroom.

7. This puppy who can’t get up.

Another oldie but goodie.

8. This cat wearing a witch hat.

9. This cat in a claw machine.

10. Whatever these two dogs are doing.

11. This surprised bunny.

12. This mom taking her pups for a walk.

BRB, can’t handle the cuteness.

13. This kitten falling asleep while eating.

14. This hopping lemur.

15. These penguins wearing sweaters.

Super fashionable.

16. This smiling dog.

He really loves the car heater.

17. This puppy biting her mom’s ear.

18. This really spooky tree.

19. This distressed alpaca.

20. This (literal) scaredy cat.

Someone doesn’t like what they see in the mirror.

21. This walrus doing sit-ups.

Look at those abs.

22. This old modeling shot of Amy Poehler.

23. Hillary Clinton dancing.

Clearly a master of rhythm.

24. This dog who just wants to sit and talk.

25. This puppy playing in the snow.

26. This stylish pug.

Don’t be so sad. You look amazing!

27. These cats wearing hats made from Big Mac containers.

28. And finally…Lil Bub wearing a spacesuit.

Because this is awesome.

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