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22 Dogs Who Are Having A Hard Time Finding Post-Grad Employment

For recent college graduates, today's job market is totally dog-eat-dog. Hahahaha see what I did there?

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1. "I swear, if I see one more entry-level position that requires previous experience..."

2. "Why is this cover letter so hard to write?"

3. "That's it, I'm done looking for the day."

4. "Three rejections already today." *Sigh*

5. "How do I feel?"

6. "Must. Keep. Typing. Up. This. Application."

7. "Aaand another company with no open positions."

8. "I'm really glad I bought this new suit for that interview I didn't even end up getting."

9. "I feel like banging my head against the ground right now."

10. "Of course I'm tired, this is my fourth phone interview of the day."

11. "Yeah, I'd like to order a large pizza with a side of employment, please."

12. "Well I thought my resume looked good, but there must be a mistake here somewhere since I haven't heard back about any of those applications I sent in."

13. "How do I actually use LinkedIn?"

14. "Does 'dealing with overwhelming ennui' count as a marketable skill?"

15. "This is what I would wear to my first day of work...if I had a job."

16. "Yes, I'm begging. Please don't judge."

17. "I can't even find anything in the newspaper classifieds."

18. "I feel terrible. About everything."

19. "Maybe if I get up early, my job search will actually be productive today."

20. "Why does no one want to hire me? What have I done wrong?"

21. "I know I look disheveled, but I just don't care right now."

22. "Seriously, I've got pretty low standards at this point."

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