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Life As A Media Buyer, As Told By "The Walking Dead"

RFPs. RFPs everywhere.

WARNING: This post contains some gnarly images of walkers and people killing said walkers. Proceed with caution..

Much like the zombie apocalypse, the transition into a media buyer happens practically overnight.

You think that you've been preparing for this your whole life, but when it hits, you are blindsided.

You start out as this eager, entry-level employee.

Then you're promoted and expected to be a savvy, multiplatform badass, ready to pull the trigger on a media plan at any given moment.

You must always stay alert — a client could come clawing at your inbox, hungry for your brain power...

...and if you aren't ready, it may cost you your budget.

Even worse: A client could come out of nowhere...asking for last-minute revisions...on a FRIDAY.

Frank Ockenfels 3

You begin to panic a little bit. You don't know what to do. Your leader is gone, and you are alone.

But you have to act, so you trust your gut and surprise yourself by how clever and resourceful you can be.

Each one of these encounters teaches you new tricks and skills so you can handle every situation like a boss.

As you spend more time in this new world, you start to form a group that helps you to thrive.

Sometimes younger people join your team, and you're skeptical, but you learn you can trust your junior associate.

With time, you learn that this new world isn't as terrifying as you thought.

Unfortunately, things happen, and you can lose clients that you never thought possible.

Gene Page

But with each encounter, each loss, and each challenge, you get stronger, smarter, and more valuable.

The terror you felt on your first encounter, pitching to a client, will always stick with you.

But now you have the knowledge to satisfy your clients and keep them happy.

You've learned how to multitask, tackling several clients at once.

You have figured out ways to make this trying world fun and enjoyable despite the stress and high stakes.

And everything you've gone through and learned has made you who you are today.

Frank Ockenfels 3

AMC salutes you: the survivor, the strategist, the badass — the media buyer.