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A Horror Story I Wrote A While Back

Now on the side of being a youtuber, that loves his audience and loves making their day's better i also love to write stories in my free time

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We're Not Alone

We're Not Alone

(Final entry)

This is possibly going to be my final entry my comrades have perished against the enemy what type of enemy I still yet to know but still they weren’t just soldiers they were my friends, family, my fallen brothers and sisters… I can hear scratching on the walls and the heavy breathing it doesn’t sound human. I wonder if I can make a run for it and possible escape… This is Sgt Toby Williams signing off if I do die these tapes scattered across this building will hopefully reveal the truth of what actually happened here.

(Back at home Base)

Entry 1 god this is going to be annoying “Hey Toby where are we heading” we’re heading to Afghanistan Bryan (Bryan Stevens, a good kid but has a bit of a temper when it comes to orders) “then why are we still here” Bryan you know we can’t just go into enemy lines without a team (I chuckle and give him a pat on the back yet he gives me a weird look and replies) “ a new team are u kidding me, what happened to Jefferson and Arbuckle” Jefferson is in hospital from getting tangled up in barbed wire and Arbuckle has gone home to be with his family for Anzac Day (he gives me another look and turns around to see the new recruits) “hey female soldiers” shut the hell up Bryan you have a girlfriend “I can still look and not touch, well maybe sometimes” (I look at him and upholster my military combat knife then aim it at his crotch) I will stab it and don’t think I won’t, just because they’re females doesn’t mean anything is different (he looks at me, face now saturated in sweat he replies) o-okay Toby I won’t do anything I swear.

So you must be the new recruits, nice to have some new faces to the team, I’m Sergeant Williams but you can call me Toby, I don’t normally like being called by my rank (they both have their gear ready and have smiles on their faces) “hi I’m Katherine” (the one on the left replies) well nice to meet you Katherine (Katherine Jones, age 24, hair color brown with hazel eyes, beautiful smiles and loves to work in a team) well as always nice to meet you Katherine this person behind me is Bryan he’s a bit of a pain sometimes but you’ll get use to him. And you are… (Just as I ask the other recruit, my commanding officer walks up to us) “Have you met my daughter yet?” (He grabs my shoulder from behind just as he asks) I was just getting there sir (he introduces his daughter before I do) “this is my lovely daughter Madonna Haywood, she is a highly intelligent person that takes her job seriously, more serious than you Bryan” (Bryan begins to sweat and replies back)”I-I’ll try harder sir” let’s get geared up everyone were leaving in two hours (they all nod their heads and just as said they get their gear on and we head towards the aircraft well be traveling on.

(00:15 hours)(First step into enemy Territory)

My back kills finally after several excruciating hours aboard that plane, were finally here (they all get their gear on and stand in front of me) you can put your gear down you know that… hah aim not like other sergeants (of course Toby throws his gear down the lazy shit, then Katherine and finally last of all Madonna) “so what’s are orders Toby” (all three of them say, the first thing that came to mind was when the hell did Toby start caring about orders) our orders are to enter an old mental asylum, from our intelligence we’ve received that has been rumors about human experimentation and our intelligence also said they may use that as a bio-weapon in the future so we’re here to shut it down. (The girls look at me first with a sickened face and speak) “Human experimentations? What is wrong with this place and those people that do that shit?” obviously very sick people, but until then get some sleep we’ll scout at 06:00 hours tomorrow morning (we grab our gear and find an abandoned shack which looks stable so we sleep the night there)

(03:00 hours)(What’s that terrible Smell?)

God damn this place is creepy as hell, who would actually live here (just as I say that, I hear the sound of glass breaking yet it seem to be coming from in front of me) what the hell is that sound, ugh now I feel like something’s watching me, I’ll contact Bryan (I turn my radio on yet all I hear static) Bryan are you there? (nothing but static can be heard over the radio) Bryan are you there? (Starting to grow impatient of waiting for an answer, I get up and walk towards the room where Bryan is) Bloody dickhead why do I even have him on my team (just as I said that, I hear screaming from Madonna’s room, just as I grab hold of Bryans door handle, the door swings open as I see Bryan runs towards where the screaming’s coming from) damn asshole knocked me on my ass, *sigh* it’s probably a rat or something. (Just as I walk in I see Bryan holding Katherine close as she seems to be uncontrollably crying) what the fuck happened Bryan? “M-Madonna’s dead sir” (he replies and points towards where she was supposed to be sleeping, now is where he mangled torn apart corpse is) wha-what the hell happened (I look towards the wall next to her bed which had now written in most likely Madonna’s blood “hope you enjoy your stay” I fall to my knee’s looking which was our comrade now just a mangled corpse) we have to get the hell out of here Now! (Bryan and Katherine look at me, stand up and walk towards me) “Toby were not seeing our families again are we” (Katherine says to me with her face now saturated in tears) Katherine we will, I promise “Toby can we call in an extraction team and say something happened” (I look at Bryan, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen him in fear) Yes Bryan let’s just get our gear and leave (they both nod and get their equipment ready as we leave this god forsaken building.

(05:35)(We’re all alone)

(After running after finding Madonna’s mangled corpse we decide to run to the spot we had first landed via aircraft) Bryan do you have the radios (after stopping a great distance from the building we had just been in, Bryan look throughout his backpack for the radio’s) “Yes Toby, I have them “(just as he hands one to me, some sort of foul smell appears) what the hell is that smell? (They both look at me with now a disgusted look) “What is that smell” (Katherine asks me, yet she looks like she’s about to be sick) Katherine I honestly don’t know (I start to radio home base yet all I seem to get is static) Bryan did you break these already “no I didn’t Toby, why would you even think that! (Toby replies with a bit of an attitude) Bryan don’t you dare get an attitude with me! “Both of you, cut it out, were not here to kill each other” (Katherine says as she pulls us apart from each other) you’re right; at least someone here has some responsibility. (Just as we finish arguing the radio starts to work) General Haywood are you there *Static* General Haywood are you there *Static* damn static…looks like we’re all alone, everyone get some sleep we’ll take turns keeping watch tonight (just as I said that , they had both gotten ready to sleep.

(10:45)(The Plan)

(After an appalling amount of sleep and trying to get the thoughts of my fallen comrade in addition to what the hell could have done that to a person, all I can say is that I’m frightened what could happen next) so did anyone get much sleep last night “yeah I guess” (both Bryan and I can see that Katherine was crying either from fear of what could be out here or her losing a friend) Katherine are you okay?, what’s wrong? “N-nothing Toby I’m fine” (Bryan quickly hugs her and says) “you’re not alright” Bryan leave her be (he looks at me, just as he looks back towards her, she kisses him as she has tears running down her face she says) “Please protect me Bryan, I don’t want to die” Alright team the closest town is passed the main objective we are supposed to be going for so in other words we’re doing what were supposed to do then were leaving (They both nod at me and get their gear on as we walk through this broken wasteland).

(12:15)(The Wasteland)

(It’s been two hours walking through this god forsaken desert, yet each step we take means the closer we are to home) “Toby how far is it?”God don’t you two even start acting like kids (they both look at me and giggle) ha ha smartasses, you both better not giggle the whole way there (just as I say that, Katherine starts to hallucinate because of the sun’s high temperature) “Madonna? Madonna is that you?” Bryan can you get her “yes sir” (he replies just as he says that she faints yet thankfully he catches her) this is going to be a long day isn’t it.

(02:50) (What happened to Madonna)

(Madonna and Katherine are both sleeping in their room; Toby is sleeping on the couch and Bryan asleep in his room. Yet something is also in their room,*crash* the sound of the glass vase smashing against the ground as the black silhouette is slowly tearing Madonna apart, limb by limb as is has it abnormally large hand over her face, slowly suffocating her at the same time. Just as this thing finishes killing Madonna it looks at Katherine, teeth sharper then razor blade with teeth once whiter then snow now dark red with Madonna’s blood. He sticks what is he pointed large finger inside her torn open corpse as it writes on the wall in her blood “Enjoy Your Stay” just as it does that it looks at Katherine once more and smiles at her before exiting through the window into the dark abyss. Before Bryan charges into the room, followed by Toby)

(18:30)(The Screams)

(After having to carry Katherine since she had fainted, we had finally reached our objective but what was inside scared both Bryan and I. It’s been several hours since we had left the house where our old comrade Madonna Haywood now lays as a mangled corpse) Hey Bryan we’re nearly home buddy (he looks at me and smiles just as we both sit down Katherine finally awakened just as that happened, Bryan rushes over and hugs her tightly) “Katherine don’t scare me like that” (she looks at him and starts to cry once again telling us what happened and what she saw when our comrade Madonna Haywood was killed) *sighs* that’s pretty messed up, you sure it wasn’t human “it looked like it was once human, but I can’t remember anymore of the creatures features” Bryan do you still have your firearm? “yes sir Betsy is always on me” good (Betsy is Bryan favorite Handgun, he named her after his pet dog when he was a child, he told me the story when we first became friends back in collage, so many good times ha-ha I miss those days) let’s get ready “yes sir” (they both reply, as much as I am not classed as sir, I don’t bother to correct them, now as I take hold of my handgun and grab my torch as we decide to enter the building which looks like it could collapse any day, just as we enter the building the door creaks and one of the pillars holding up crumple and block which may be our only exit, yet all we can hear is screaming from down the hall) “Toby let’s just finish this mission and exit this hell hole” “yeah I agree with Bryan” (They both basically ask me the same question but all I can reply with is that we will finish this mission and come out alive)

(19:00)(The Medical Ward)

(After half an hour of walking through this decrepit place that smells of possibly rotten corpses, the ones that we were informed about, Intel stated that they may have been used for human experimentations) “Toby are you alright” (Bryan asks me yet I don’t even know any more) y-yeah I’m fine (just as I say that, I fall over yet Bryan was there to catch me “ whoa!! Toby are you alright” Just a bit lightheaded that’s all, I’ll be fine Bryan (Bryan and Katherine both help me walk a bit until we reach the room of the screaming, where the screaming was coming from. I look into the room to see a person on the stretcher) what the actual hell is going on here (just as I’m about to look away a doctor whatever it might be walks over to the person on the stretcher and grabs a pair of scissors) “why don’t you people shut up, I’m a doctor I’m here to help you not hurt you but if necessary I will” (just as he says that he cuts the persons tongue off, I jump back in shock as Bryan catches me and says) “What the hell did you see” (he looks at Katherine and says) “he has never acted like this before must have really spooked him” I know why we were sent here now(I stand up and grasp my handgun as I walk into the medical ward and put a gun to the Doctor’s head) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! (Bryans now pull me back as well as Katherine Taking my Handgun) “He’s not worth it Toby” (just as Bryan said that I started to calm down until what the doctor said to my face) I’m doing research , it’s okay I also have done it to neighboring children” (Just as he said that, both Bryan and Katherine let go of me, yet I’m happy Katherine hid her face in Bryans shirt as I lay punch after punch after punch into his worthless body while yelling) YOU LIKE TO DO EXPERIMENTS ON KIDS HUH (I throw his insignificant body on top of the table and take hold of my knife as I stab it directly into his throat.

(20:00)(It Came Back)

(It’s been an hour since I brutally murdered that doctor; I have also cleaned the blood off my body and to be honest for a hell hole of a place I’m blissful that the hot water still works) “Toby are you alright?” (I can hear Katherine outside my door, I actually don’t know if I’m alright anymore *sigh* I’ll just say I am) yeah I’m fine Katherine, just getting the rest of the blood of my body. “Okay just please don’t do anything stupid” (Katherine seems worried; I know I’m her commanding officer at the moment but I did promise her I’d get us all out alive.) *Smash* what the hell was that? (As I quickly turn off the shower and put my clothing on, I suddenly have the weirdest feeling like someone) “Toby get out here… now!” (I can hear Bryan calling me but for what exactly I don’t know) what do you want Bryan? “It’s Katherine she looks petrified like when she was at the house” what do you mean Bryan (Katherine the points down the hall, where now this tall, abnormally large black silhouette like creature, looks towards us as it smiles which sets Katherine off, she starts screaming as it runs towards us) Kill it!!! (As the creature’s runs towards us, Bryan and I fire round after round into this abnormally large creature, yet the bullets seem to have no effect on the creature) “Toby it isn’t working” I bloody know that Bryan (the creature runs directly for Bryan as it has its claws out which seem like they can tear his flesh apart. Just as it gets to him I ram the creature into the medical ward where I had once murdered that doctor. Just as we lock the door Bryan sighs of relief as he leans against the wall. Just as he does a claw or hand of some sort smashes through the wall and impales him. Now as he is being lifted into the air, I see someone I class as my own little brother now a lifeless corpse in this creature’s hand. We start to run as we see our friend as the creature slowly tears his head off and smiles at us)

(21:00)(We’re nearly home)

(As both Katherine and I are running for our lives, we enter a morgue, now I have seen some place in my time as a soldier but this is a place I never want to return to again) Run Katherine (I can see she is trying to run yet I can see her pack is slowing her down just as she stops a grab her pack and throw it to the ground) forget that!!!...just run! (As we both start to run again I can hear the creature catching up to us) keep running Katherine…don’t stop, do you hear me! “Yes sir” (as we continue to run I can see a window a head of us and get an idea to get at least one of us out alive) I’m sorry Katherine but you have to tell them what happened here “what do u mean sir” (just as she says that I throw her through the window) just as I do I Take hold of my handgun and start firing rounds at the creature, to attract its attention to my location instead of hers)

(22:00)(Final entry)

This is possibly going to be my final entry my comrades have perished against the enemy what type of enemy I still yet to know but still they weren’t just soldiers they were my friends, family, my fallen brothers and sisters… I can hear scratching on the walls and the heavy breathing it doesn’t sound human. I wonder if I can make a run for it and possible escape… This is Sgt Toby Williams signing off if I do die these tapes scattered across this building will hopefully reveal the truth of what actually happened here.

God to I hope Katherine is alive…B-but the rest my Comrades and even someone I classed as my little brother *Starts to cry* I-I won’t just die here, I will live and will avenge the….(As I grab hold of my handgun and check how many rounds I have remaining) 4 rounds in the clip god dammit …may as well run for it (now as I sneak through the darkness and silent as a church mouse, I hopefully wont bump into the creature yet I see the moonlight)…it’s a window (I quickly check my surrounding as I slowly open it and sneak out , I hear class break behind me, I quickly jump out that window and hit the ground) wow that was higher than I expected (as I run into the desert I make sure to run towards the nearest city as it was originally behind the building just as I do, I bump into Katherine) Katherine your alive? “T-Toby yes I’m alive I am injured from the fall though” (as she says that she then slaps me as we both walk into the city, her clothing now dirty and my clothing torn and covered in our comrades blood)

(Back at home base)

(Both Katherine and I when we had reached the city, we radioed home base as this area actually had reception, we never told anyone what happened there but we did say that place did have human experimentation happening there, so they sent in some soldiers to bomb the building, yes the building was destroyed but nobody ever heard from those soldiers again. They most likely thought some bandits or other soldiers had killed the troops. But both Katherine and I know what actually what happened. The following weeks after when we had gotten back Katherine and I both left the military and had gotten married, we went to the funeral where our comrades names were to be remembered...yet at the wedding, both Katherine and I cried as Both Madonna and Bryan we’re supposed to be the special people, Bryan my Best man and Madonna was to help Katherine with her dress. Now I am 26 years old and I now have a family two little ones, a boy and a girl, I bet they’d be happy to have their names as our children my little boy Bryan Williams is 3 years old and our little girl Madonna had just turn 2. They will be remembered, just know Bryan when I look up at the midnight sky I wish you we’re here not just as my friend but as my brother to teach my baby boy some things is well…I miss you man and if you’re listening tell Madonna Katherine misses her…lots of love Toby Williams and Katherine Williams

Written by AmbivalentPit

Fan Art

Just some art a fan had sent to me
Belongs to a fan but was sent to me via message

Just some art a fan had sent to me

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