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    19 Eggcellent Egg Memes That Will Surely Crack You Up

    This is how you eggscape in these trying times.

    1. When an egg was more popular on Instagram than Kylie Jenner.

    everyone: likes the egg Kylie Jenner:

    Via Twitter: @smimothy

    For c̶o̶n̶t̶e̶x̶t̶ conteggxt:

    So, um, this picture of an egg just became the most liked photo on Instagram, besting the record held by Kylie Jenner.

    Twitter: @davidmackau

    2. When you realise that you absolutely suck at figuring out life.

    Aww Memes / Via

    3. When you tried and failed to recreate a YouTube hair tutorial.

    Memes Monkey / Via

    4. When you crack too many punny jokes.

    5. And now you don't know how to stop it.

    Tragically Here / Pinterest / Via

    6. When you discover a winning proposal strategy.

    7. When you see love in spheres.

    8. When your egg raps better than you.

    9. When you try being creative in the kitchen and fail miserably.

    Imgur / Via

    10. When you can't help but notice the shape of him.

    11. When you realise egg-peeling is an eggtual talent.

    12. When moms disguise food to get us to eat more.

    AhSeeIt / Via

    13. When you can't remember the last time you saw double-yolk.

    14. When you feel sorry for the math problems guy.

    15. When you realise you have been involved in too many infanticides.

    16. When you are hitting on your crush.

    Know Your Meme / Via

    17. When you enjoy stirring drama.


    18. And when you feel eggstremely sorry for the egg.

    19. And finally, when your omelette has a personality.

    Emotional Planet / Via