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    13 Haunted Sites In Delhi That Will Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

    If you can't fall asleep tonight, remember daar ke aage jeet hai.

    1. Many have heard blood-curdling screams in the abandoned house of W-3 in Greater Kailash, where an elderly couple was mercilessly murdered by their yoga guru.

    Nadir Hashmi / Flickr / Via Flickr: nadircruise

    The couple, Yadu Krishnan Kaul and Madhu Kaul, were beheaded and their bodies were left in the water tank by their teacher on April 3, 1987. Since then many guards have reported hearing disturbing, strange noises emerging from the house, which at present is owned by one Gupta family.

    2. During the reign of Alauddin Khalji, severed heads of thieves were dangled from the holes of Chor Minar.

    3. Djinns residing in the 14th century Feroz Shah Kotla Fort grant wishes to those who write letters to them.

    4. The ghost of an Englishman is often spotted asking for a light for his cigarette near the Mutiny Memorial.

    5. The haunted stretch of Khooni Jheel in Northern Ridge has seen spirits of British officers, Indian sepoys, women, and children fleeing into the river before disappearing into thin air.

    6. No guards have retained their job at Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal for more than three days.

    7. Agrasen Ki Baoli was once filled with pitch-black water that lured people to drown themselves.

    Neha Gupta / Getty Images

    Today, the ancient architecture with its 103 steps holds no water and is a happy sight for many history buffs and selfie-lovers. However, there was a time when suicides were rampant here. Several people still experience the eeriness of the well and mostly avoid hanging around the place at night.

    8. During the construction of the Dwarka Sector 9 metro, a small girl was found dead under mysterious circumstances and has haunted the station lane ever since.

    Hindustan Times / Getty Images

    Many have claimed to see the child poltergeist frequenting a banyan tree near the station and attacking passersby during after-hours.

    9. The Lothian Cemetery is reportedly haunted by Sir Nicholas who died by suicide after being rebuffed by an Indian woman he was deeply in love with.

    10. Decapitated heads of convicts were once displayed at Khooni Darwaza.

    11. The apparition of the 14th century Sufi saint Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin is known to stroll late at night in Sanjay Van.

    12. A white-sari-clad female ghost is notorious for asking for rides in Delhi Cantonment.

    13. A shadowy figure has been spotted turning on computers in the office complex of Karkardooma Court.

    The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Im

    Karkardooma Court is a hotbed for paranormal activities. Its infamous ghost activities had compelled authorities to set up eight CCTV cameras where they caught footage of a shadowy form appearing from the walls and causing computers to simultaneously switch on. Moreover, there have been several reports of spirits ambling along the premise.

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