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    16 Hilarious Reviews Left By Some Very Sentimental Amazon Customers

    "Bad product plzz don't buy it delivery boy is a selfish person"

    1. These parents' genuine mistrust of their new headphones.

    2. This exhausted mom's high-quality assessment of a cute dress.

    3. This buyer's inner wildness that is frankly too much to stomach.

    4. This honest pen review left by a grief-stricken lover.

    5. This user's precise explanation of electron-inducing cables.

    6. These merry customers' discovery of the versatile uses of dinosaur costumes.

    7. This disapproving cat owner's real concerns for kitties around the globe.

    8. This person who 420% can't be blamed for his mix-up.

    9. This truly caring friend who relishes planning surprises.

    10. This toothpaste that changed this family's life, except the cat's.

    11. These boots that miraculously saved a dying relationship.

    12. This customer's epiphany about the power of pants.

    13. This multipurpose tool that works "okay".

    14. These sponges that can offer both friendship and creativity to its consumers. 

    15. This abominable production that needs to be ceased at once.

    16. And finally, this product that got a bad rep because the "delivery boy is a selfish person".